Politics in the European Community

What we are leaving expensive one and others! We have 17 viceroys in the Iberian Peninsula. Well, talking about our politicians of the day we all expected of them (opposition included)) that were good managers’ public affairs, good administrators, parliamentarians excellent … (Source: patrick dwyer merrill lynch). In short, leaders who were in politics for its estimated and competition in private life, and I think that that is not so now, and in Spain they will know our current leaders and opposition politicians in any case, how to live life without hit-or-with rare exceptions, staying in this valley of tears, like a king, and retire, letting the clock of time, which will mark our lives perishable. Viva la vida! There should be a primary election within the current Spanish political parties, then to vote, and the ‘Elections General ‘, using the open-list system: This means one, it would be a totally free democracy: do not have power over the judiciary, which had no power over the TVE, which we started, and once and for all, language Spanish as a primary tool for learning (autonomic respecting other languages: Catalan, Basque, Galician … etc.etc. previous Teaching grammar through them, to their knowledge and development). “I want my children to know Castilian and Catalan, but also German and English,” said the good Montilla (Joseph, Joseph, born in Cordoba) to Onda Cero. And their children can do at the German School, since euro Montilla is sufficient to pay.

For his part was not short in this regard, stating that two of their three children twins go to the ‘German School’. At the end said: “Children will come away fluent in German and English.” And you say: Spanish and Other Catalan, although some prefer to be by Catalan Spanish, will have to study all subjects in Catalan language: they will very well know in depth, while they are traveling to the European Community. This is Spain my friends, all together and everybody does what he wants and wishes in their autonomous community.