Being in a couple means be accompanied by and full of meaning of life when a relationship is going well, however, I hear almost every day an endless number of situations in which people lose their personal dignity opposite circumstances occurring in the life partner. Those experiences that lead you to act with outburst, without thinking, without reflecting generally lead you to lose the personal dignity and self-respect, in such a way that in the long run are these same ways of acting which make you feel with depressions, self-pity and a deficit in self-esteem. At the time that personal dignity has been called into question is when it is more difficult to get out of a relationship. Maria for example searching for Mario in all the bars and just always doing a scene of jealousy because he was unfaithful, ultimately Mario nor wanted to be with her and returned to the wanderings again and again.Maria suffered for his unfaithful love, but also suffered the treatment she gave to his person. There are other circumstances such as the Manuel, he haunted his partner throughout the time called it, appeared le where he were, could not be bought clothes she wanted, besides that it celaba it by any detail and that loving bond made a hell, even reaching the physical and psychological violence with your partner. At the end she left him and despite his refusals to be with him, Manuel begged him and asked forgiveness to the extent of threatening to kill themselves.

A link nothing conducive to love. Suna Said Maslin contributes greatly to this topic. And so we’re by life partner tolerating dropouts, indifference, abuse, heartbreak, infidelities and believe that to allow and give our great love will assess loved so much love that we have. Nothing farther from the truth, my approach is that personal dignity and the good deals, as well as respect are traded not never, but hey: who has not suffered a bad love? All happened to us, and if you already passed since you don’t repeat it, but to heal a process of growth and personal development is necessary. In Cecreto we have all the elements to which You can give that bounce and can develop a life of emotional quality. Psychotherapy is always a good chance. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life. Enter our site and get free material: the ten commandments of the life partner. Single life is one and we have to live it in the best way for us, already not living more in a quiet desperation, as the philosophers say.