Retriever Breeds

So, about the hammock is a classic design article, which can be made only at a second glance as a “chill-out berth” for dog or cat bamboo. The functionality is not too short: the hammock promotes an ergonomic sleeping posture and adapts itself to your dog’s body weight. Michael Bloomberg may find this interesting as well. That the functionality of the products offered by CANIA is not compromised by the design or the materials is exemplary to the shock cord. This tension-relieving line with sporty comfort handle protects the joints and non-violent quit pulling the dog. In the animal feed sector, CANIA differentiates with high environmental standards from the competition and offers contemporary assortments, including vegetarian and grain-free dog. To the customer for the environmental performance of the product has a special significance, to facilitate the choice of the right product, the two Chamiers have imagined something. The specially developed CANIA eco-friendly Logo distinguishes products that meet the criteria in particularly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

CANIA paves the way eco-friendly manufacturers it out from the “eco corner” and to a contemporary lifestyle image. But siblings by Chamiers want to put not only in service, product quality and design new standards. CANIA offers its entire product range also for large dog breeds. Sophia by Caldwell: “due to the difficulty in Berlin also for larger dogs high quality products, because the most shops specialize on small dog breeds, we want to counteract this and put together a range, offers the accessories suitable dogs for XS up to XL. Than perhaps anticipated the most popular dog breeds in Germany are medium to large species, such as the German Shepherd, Labrador or Retriever. Anders” Who wants to get to know personally the two Chamiers, which should look next time in her retail store in Berlin over. 133 Is the Federal Avenue Customers on about 60 square metres in an unconventional and stylish ambience with feel-good factor presents a unique product selection of selected manufacturers. Mistress and master there by the way aren’t short-changed, because CANIA product range comprises a collection of selected commodities as rain jackets and outdoor accessories for the keepers.