Santa Claus

With native support, perhaps soon more than 50,000 people speak the rare language of the North. Unique University Ilisimatusarfik in Nuuk (Greenland) on Greenland, it is possible to study the Greenlandic administration, literature, culture and history. Other subjects are language and media. Classes held in Danish, because locals learn it as a second mother tongue. Some courses are offered in the Greenlandic language.

A few students of the Ilisimatursarfik courses in addition to the actual study stint this linguistic quality. This makes them exceptional experts from linguistic and technical expertise. All study achievements and fundamental knowledge of language native speakers remain the better translators, also in Greenland. In addition to Kalallisut each region has its own dialects. Greenlandic translation conveys such features in translations to all over the world. If translations are to reach a regional audience on Greenland, this is content in his mother tongue and the specific dialect. Such concessions is the anonymous sender immediately sympathetic. So facilitated the contact between Inuit and people from all over the world with this translation quality.

Most beautiful thing in Greenland: post on Santa Claus in Kalaallisut also this get to read the translator in Greenlandic translation: letters to Santa Claus asking the yet so to do, he really understands it. Maybe that let some readers smile. Children can’t be wrong! Santa Claus lives and works in fact Greenland. Because the Elves eventually complained about the flood of letters, he established a post office just for Christmas post in all languages. To find this is”desires Center near the village Uumannaq. This lies at the foot of the seal heart. The Inuit are curious people. Their increasing contact with strangers will make always better their language for other countries. Greenlandic translation works with great pleasure on the linguistic details. For a journey of discovery, where people live, is always also a linguistic teachable moment. In addition, the Greenlandic helps to improve understanding this previously isolated and problematic occupation of the Inuit. Not only that is so”green land”(historical significance of the name”Greenland ) conquered the world, but his people finally duly included in globalization. Annette Bankey for: Greenlandic translation Munich