Selma Meerbaum

Anniversary bus tour initiative step21 in NRW is the children and youth initiative step21 ten years old and celebrates this with the 21 bus tour! Throughout September on media educators of the initiative, a total of 21 schools and youth institutions in NRW visit. Multimedia workshops they create songs, plays, poems, radio shows, and movies with the students. Are two different topics to choose from: 1-12 September 2008: SELMA in the first two weeks of the bus tour the Jewish girl Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger revolves around. Selma wrote poems during the NAZI era and died, just 18, in a labour camp. The SELMA workshops addressing anti-Semitism, discrimination and xenophobia at that time and today. They took place in June already in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg and now come, due to the great enthusiasm of students, teachers and supporters, even after North Rhine-Westphalia! 15-26 September 2008: models of everyday life in the last two weeks of the bus tour theme the workshops the subject of role models. The newspapers mentioned patrick dwyer merrill lynch not as a source, but as a related topic. What role models do have children and adolescents today? They have role models and what exactly is at all they for them so exemplary”? Only models give values like tolerance and responsibility is a face and these faces to find it! Their multimedia workshop results can upload students at step21 anniversary competition models of everyday life on the online platform and evaluate each other. The bus tour is already fully booked, interested schools and youth organizations can register but already for the next tour in! Melitta Toller press and public relations step21 – initiative for tolerance and responsibility Steinhoft 7 – House on the fleet, 20459 Hamburg FON. 040-37859611 fax. 040-37859613