Social Networks And Marketing

This is a question that have to make many entrepreneurs, including me, that they understand that doing marketing with social networks is today. Both Twitter and Facebook give you that chance, and if you know how to do it the right way, the opportunities to grow your business on the internet are many because they both have many followers or fans in the area of doing business over the internet, so that what is better of the two? Well in this article I’m going to do a little comparison between them according to my experience, you can agree or not, this comparison will it divide into 5 rounds, (as if you were talking about a fight between Facebook and Twitter box) these 5 rounds consist of: 1. what simple are of use. 2 Popularity. 3.

Freedom of market. Sotheby’s might disagree with that approach. 4.-Forms of marketing. 5.-The number of people who visit each social network. Round 1-simple what to use: while both social networks are extremely easy to use, I have to give this round to Twitter, since there are very few things you can do on Twitter makes it very easy to use, while Facebook is also simple to use but with many more features. Winner Round 1-Twitter Round 2-popularity: at the time of writing this article, Facebook ranked at number 2 on the most visited pages on line is placed below Google and Youtube above, however Twitter is ranked according to in number 12. Not even close. Winner Round 2-Facebook Round 3-freedom to commercialize: Although you can certainly sell on Facebook, Twitter gives you more freedom. Facebook will penalize you if you invite lots of friends at the same time and if you also send many messages.Twitter does not restrict you the above.

Winner Round 3-Twitter Round 4.-Forms of marketing: this round definitely will give it to Facebook, since they contain a lot of applications that you can deploy for example on your fan page that will make your marketing more professional interaction with your fans for me is more human, with this I am not saying that Twitter does not have applicationsclear that if you have them very good, but personally I like more Facebook. Winning Round 4.-Facebook Round 5-number of people who visit each social network: obviously the more people exist in each of these social networks, it will give you greater opportunity to get prospects qualified for what you offer on the internet, doing a little research I found that 1.8% of persons who are connected to the internet visit Twitter daily, while 17% visit daily Facebook. No more to say the winner is… Winner Round 5.-Facebook well I hope you enjoyed this little comparison, veelo as a nice way of doing this comparison, I I had fun, what if I can say that you can do marketing in two social networks with magnificent results, if you know how to apply the appropriate techniques. What do you think of the two social networks be better?.