State Public Agencies

Thus enclosing for know-making all the dimensions of its performance as professional. Word-key: Public, Using service, Customer, Citizen, Quality, Attendance. Abstract: Few years ago, the process reengineering versus quality is in longer an exclusive concern of the academic and joined the agenda of private and public services competitive. It appears now that the government goes beyond the mere sight of the planning, placement or desing, incorporating elements clearly linked you the process of quality to customer service and client that improve constantly to their ability you create and transformed into citizens. The X Reengineering Quality – Quality Management in the Service turned you the state public organs in the Teresina-Pi. Develop new skills and capabilities, leading you new insights and sensibilities that, in turn, revolutionize beliefs and opinions, the future will be those that to discover how you make people want you engage with and learn from the ground.

You accomplish this, the state public organs in the Teresina-Pi, must be lives consistent with the highest human aspirations that go beyond material needs, contrasts between employee and to customer confirming the lack of drivers will be citizenship policy which is deployed will be freedom of thought and action, seeking freedom and the principle of human solidarity and bringing new results that to later generations will be willing you continues with the changes most significantly through participation in teamwork, operational and intellectual capital, permanent relationship daily and based on critical consciousness, reflexive and political, in that people can transform and transform society with new eyes, new thoughts in progress guided patriotism. Thus covering the know-all dimensions of service professionals. Keywords: Public Service, User, Customer, Citizen, Quality Service. I Introduction In virtue of the necessity to prioritize efforts for the improvement of the quality of life of the server and its integration to the work environment, was promoted one better adequacy of the organizacional structure, that resulted in creation of a new sector, Reengenharia x Quality – In the Management of Quality to the Attendance directed toward the State Public Agencies in the City of Teresina? Pi, to give institucional support with efficient results.