Study: Effective Managers Are Commercially Trained, Experienced, Female

Study: Effective managers are experienced, female, commercially formed a new investigation of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen under direction of Professor Waldemar Pelz indicates that executives reliable, credible and should be role models and optimizer. Chefs who dominate the leadership of transformational leadership, a development of leadership with agreed targets, make your company more successful and even faster career. Fur stressed: real do can be learned. The formula is simple: the better the management, the more successful the company. Which leadership behaviour is particularly effective, which features mark outstanding executives and extent to which leadership skills are trainable, recently examined Waldemar Pelz. One central finding is, according to Professor of international management and marketing at the Technische Hochschule in Middle Hesse, more than 4,000 executives took part in the study: bosses succeed, their employees to better Services to encourage independent and entrepreneurial action, if they perceive it as a role model and respect them as supervisors. Lead can learn whether employees are loyal, learning and performance-ready, take responsibility, show team spirit and disciplined to pursue the company objectives, thereby significantly depends on the leadership of their superiors”, explains Prof. Waldemar Pelz.

Behavior habits play a key role, and this is particularly surprising relatively easy to modify or to learn are. Who staff as reliable, credible, experience model and optimizer, which follow it dear, the investigation shows. Women perform better the analyses by Waldemar Pelz, who heads the Institute for management innovation in Bad Soden, showed that experienced managers, commercial trained, more women and heads of major companies meet most likely features of the transformationalen style of leadership.