The Acceptance

In this regard a new paradigm generates knowledge, new data and therefore, new information. All new paradigm, causes pain and endangers the status and power of the various elements of the system. The great spirits always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. According to the specialists in the changes, they claim that the acceptance of a new paradigm, may destroy many people, institutions, industrial sectors, and even to a country’s economy. When it is intended a paradigm shift – in-Venezuela, new leaders speak of a revolutionary change, without having exhausted the explanations of the previous fundamental assumptions are altered, many companies and people are resistant to change and disappear from the environment. If the leaders of this Venezuelan revolutionary change, explained that until last moments were murky and dark, they will be gradually gaining ground. According to Kuhn, when a number critical thinkers comes to accept the new idea, there is a collective change of paradigm and sprouts consensus, resulting in a kind of chain reaction.

It is important to bear in mind, that: the paradigm of the educated companies replaces the paradigm of little cultured series production. It is a revolution of this nature to which entrepreneurs are faced with the knowledge to encompass information, culture, images, arts. New computers and communication networks will allow deeper restructuring in global finance. New microprocessor-based technologies has the ability to think, react, be flexible, producing short series, moving a company much more in a hurry. Before an increasingly more endowed, wise and enlightened society, enterprises have to hurry to convert knowledge into the true capital of a developed economy..