The Alice

JOO: – And that already he has one two children for there. One with the Celestial one of the Carmensinha, that I know. Disembarassed one exactly, embucha son of the others and later wide. DOLORES: – Ah! , my son, coitada! pra where it was with this Caiado? JOO: – He dials had been pra Recife. the Alice? What that yours cumadri said? DOLORES: – Alice in one wanted fic back in the house of Guida owner no way. She ran away in that same night that I left it there. In one I know pronde it walks. Read more here: Michael Bloomberg. It also dials you for the street similar to the Tonho, turned girl street.

JOO: – All our family if finished suddenly. If people had one dinheirinho pra to arrange this house at least. (looking in desolate return) Ah! But this life is same a weak stack. A minimum wage that I earn, pra that of? Pra nothing. Malam pra to take this half life, this minimum life. DOLORES: – Later that I will have this son I go to operate.

It goes to be the last one. JOO: – To operate, but as? DOLORES: – In hospit public they operate of favour. This they makes with greater praz. I say that pra is not nasc poor. Already it has poor person excessively in the world, then, they so operating everything how much poor poor woman pra not nasc. Already in one you the full one of unemployed in the world? JOO: – Good, we go sees if for the meno this ltimozinho people creates right. , I did not want nor you well fal, but he is that now remembering our son he beat, me souvenir of Celso, coitado, to thus die innocent does not have of fic without justice Therefore it is, I I looked to the police station pra to ask for step.