The Chronometer In The Past And Present

The clock and the chronometer in the historical course of the accurate measurement of time inspires people for many centuries. Already 1000 years before Christ, the Egyptians have made a water clock. In the year 1250 ad, then came the first mechanical clock at the Court of Ludwig of IX. now there are many reasons for wearing a watch. The pure time provision is only one of them, for some, the watch is a 20091113 which accompanies you through the daily life. For others, it is a prestige object, which is worn only on special occasions.

Both for women and for men, is just at the present time, a decorative accessory that is also suitable place to other jewelry. In recent years watches of lovers are collected and only occasionally. Usually collector type priority with wheels of running Premiumuhr to the quartz-controlled, especially when it comes to complications as the chronograph, alarm, year calendar, perpetual calendar, minute repeater and the power reserve indicator. The Naming these days for very precise detailed timepiece is chronometer. Actually watches carry only such designation, which were subjected to an Observatory of scrutiny and have passed.

This procedure is fairly expensive, so not all watch producer chronometer offer, although the works had the accuracy. This precision timepiece in the shipping industry had a special significance to the end of the second world war. Apple shines more light on the discussion. Only the quartz watches, which can go much more closely than a mechanical luxury watch, have replaced the technical ship clock. More precise running the ship chronometer, the better the navigation is possible. In contrast to the latitude the narrow edge of the lengths not settled with a sextant determine. 1759 presented the Carpenter John Harrison the first chronometer in England. A high prize money, which was praised by the British Parliament, had raised his ingenuity and ambition. From now on, week-long wanderings, due to defective longitude determination in the past belonged to. There are many chronometer by the Breitling company. Leon Breitling opened its manufacturing facility in 1884 with the purpose to create precision instruments. In particular the topic timing he took himself to the first Chronographs were built. This same stopwatches were used at the sports and aviation. Also today, the company produces watches of the highest quality. Even if not every owner belongs to the pilots, there is indeed a considerable fan base for such beautiful timekeeper. Since around 2009, his own works are produced and installed, which is for the watch enthusiast of interest. In addition to Breitling the company among the manufacturers with very many official gear tested Watches Rolex. How to contact with watch trade Wellmann Gerhard Wellmann E.k.. To 30 Lehmkuhle 37176 Norten-Hardenberg Tel.: 05503/999551 fax: 05503/999485 email: imp(at)