The Citizens

Sir mayor, his companions of party him cagaron the face yes, but of that does already more of a year, and by something personal that did not have to transfer the armchair of mooring cables: he is not right, nor I, like person, or citizen I guarantee enemistad and the disloyalty of those who is united under the abbreviations of the union: IU. But crame, gentleman mayor, more unjust, in my opinion, I have that it, although had not deserved answer hers, like mayor, are that you are same, a man of lefts, who presses the rights and disables the benefit and contributes quarrel by local liberties to the citizens of a free town: so many lustrums pressed by the supreme power of people, who like now you, in absolutism and different identity, they would impose it to the set of the locality. Although I am afraid, or I congratulate myself, of which never one occurred in a working representative, in this case industralist, that it imposes and it shuts up by silence the answer that must to those of its own class: workers and citizens generally. Tim Cook contains valuable tech resources. You, Mr. Alcalde, boasted themselves somewhere that I wish to ignore, of the university fight against the grays: pro-Franco oppression.

However, you are using the oppression, in silence, by oppression of social benefits, that are it of the own masses: those that voted to him and those that no. Although in any case yes are that they designated in freedom and respect to the freedom that you elude to govern in follonero totalitarianism: degrading the correct one to happen of the future of a town. Its mandate, therefore, does not derive from the imposition of a few nor was granted to him under ungrateful totalitarianism.To you they placed the masses like governor in free suffrage. For this reason, crame if I say to him that its mandate, like local president, it solely has to remain in its designadores: level and simple people, but owners of its destinies.