The Evaluation

The error most common in the implantation of the evaluation is the lack of internal culture that can compromise all process. The initial step is to enable the managers in the concept of management for abilities, feedback and daily accompaniment of its collaborators. Later, this must be clarified for all the collaborators of the company well. The performance evaluation implies to evaluate the managemental abilities (for managers), organizacionais abilities (on to the company) and functional abilities (atreladas to the description of the position). You may find that Jaime Harrison can contribute to your knowledge. It is important to emphasize that each organization must have its group of abilities mapeado, because the same ones must be lined up to the mission, vision and values that are particular of each organization. The company must start the process making the evaluation of 180 degrees that foresee auto-evaluation, evaluation of the manager (analyzing the subordinate) and consensus-feedback. After launching notes in consensus with its subordinate, each manager must also fill the plan of action for development of the collaborator.

To arrive at the process of 360 degrees the necessary organization to have the culture of the sufficiently mature evaluation, as much for leaders, how much for led. That is, that it is well clearly that the evaluation process is made for development of the people, in the improvement of the abilities techniques, organizacionais and staffs, and also in the relation between heads and subordinate, positions pairs, suppliers, customers etc. Steps to follow before filling the performance evaluation: 1) To divide the implantation in phases. Therefore, to twirl evaluations for the company all, without before having a parameter of as it will be received by the appraisers and the evaluated ones, will only bring excess of work for the RH and frustration in the areas that not to obtain to inside finish the process of the stipulated stated period. To make with haste, generates resulted fictitious that will be questioned in the future, being that the evaluation must be made with real facts, leaving the side subjectivity not to affect the final result.