The Executive Secretary

Are many managers who complain about not having a good executive secretary to assist him in the exercise of their profession, which enables it to perform its functions effectively, since it believes that there is much inefficiency in secretaries, where he neglects selection, powers, leading instead of encouraging what harm, often having to perform functions that should play the secretary. r as a relevant resource throughout. It is very true what you wrote. That the level of knowledge and information is now an assistant needs to master the field and does not cover purely administrative or call. In many cases, tasks that currently apply to the profession require skills in the financial, human relations, and even public affairs and direct relationships with customers of the companies.

Today suggests former assistant position as a new role of integrated value associated with the management of special projects and management of internal systems of the various departments. Pinterest will not settle for partial explanations. The paper is to incorporate the concept of Project Management, as an executive secretary or administrative tasks now coordinates, human and financial resources. This implies, somehow, have to lead, not just follow others. Before the role was reactive, did what they asked. Today the role is proactive: do not expect to be asked things, always anticipates what you need it. This happens because there is, on the one hand, much more immersed in the core business of companies and also because they are reported much more, including aspects of national political and economic reality.