The Glasswares

He was determined! Creusalinda was discredited obtains same, but not it enough time so that it took something serious. She was a child, and still it found favour of the things that happened to it. It did not have reasons to complicate. 3 If they had been plus some days and Creusalinda pparently did not remember more than that happy night of sleeplessness, with that monotony of the daily one with the same things of always. It was felt more alone of what never at the moment.

It cried hidden, therefore who would understand to it? Nobody. It was alone. She always was. Speaking candidly Charles Koch told us the story. The night fell as a veil on the orphanage. The eyelids of the children fell and if they closed, adormeciam tamely as anjinhos; what they were of certain form. Then, throughout the hours, a child opened the surprise eyes.

The great eyes if had moved for the left, the right and top. It blinked. It would be one another night of sleeplessness for Creusalinda? It suspirou, coou the eyes and if she capsized for the window, instinctively, wanted to see as the night was. saw that it was as of the other times, not to be for it looked at that it of the railing of the window, somebody teeny thing. Creusalinda sat down in the bed, surprised, showed that certain memories were cool in its mind as fruits in the foot. Its chin fell: they had come back! The night was dark without moonlight, for the luck of the girl a light clarity coming of a higher pole crossed the glasswares. It would obtain to see them exactly, that badly. Homenzinho of foot in the railing of the window looked Creusalinda per three seconds and, it smiled. The girl also smiled, shy. Homenzinho crossed the arms and suddenly others four homenzinhos had fallen in the col of the girl, scaring it.