The Love

The love is as the air that passes shyly and nor in we give account to them. It is as the stars that when penetrating of the night go appearing and to the step that shines, the night goes walks and when they perceive, it is hour of leave against its wills. It is as the moon that hates the sun, finds it excessively esquentado, however without it its beauty would be obscure, if it would lose in the penumbra of the universe, even so either admired for all has that to absent a moment. It is as a flower that embeleza perfumes and an orchard, but has that to changed itself into fruit, if they do not find it infertile and useless. Thus it is the love; shy, discrete, shining, admirable, beautiful, passive, comprehensive and sonolentes to the times. Adromece, but awakes to become the life of that they love glad and happy, therefore nobody lives without love.. Swarmed by offers, GM CEO is currently assessing future choices.