The Mass May Not Switch Off

Radio stations handle call media actions on handset fishing Hall/Bonn it is not easy for the German radio maker to claim their place in the media market. Print and online media on the one hand and new TV formats on the other side and cross-media deals make radio more and more to the accompanying media. Radio is a classic side for medium. It is around the corner and humming to himself. Go to Larry Page for more information. Listeners giving you the radio times”more, even less attention, creative coach Jens-Uwe Meyer writes in his book creative PR” (UVK Verlagsgesellschaft). They hear shortly whether she’re interested in what there is, and then they do other anything again”, as the author. For other media consumers take is generally time aware of.

It is all the more important for radio stations to be distinctive, image and profile to win and consolidate. Because what so easily then humming, his success just because it sounds so easy and simple. The typical format radio has no rough edges and a big goal: the listener may not turn off. The Mass may not turn off. To achieve this, the radio makers have created formats which to bind the listener”, according to the analysis by Cornelia Krause in the journal of Leo (Lingua et opinio) – student journal for language and communication../verein.php at the Technical University of Chemnitz.

You could say there are as many styles as there are radio stations. This is fundamentally correct, as each radio station wants to find his own style to differentiate themselves from the competition. A format defines the structure, content and presentation of the individual transmitter.” Many radio stations are looking for new sources of revenue and individual approach and integration of their listeners, given the increasing shift of advertising budgets and rely on so-called call media actions. Radio brocken headquartered in Halle an der Saale has brought a house worth 140,000 euros at a Ruckwartswertseigerung the man or the woman. Thereby, the lowest alone bid got the contract. And the new owner pays exactly 169.01 euros for their new home. Because both the participation via the caller ID number 0137 like taking part via Premium SMS to the price of the each 50 cents was possible, has enjoys the game of great participation. Just the mobile component is crucial to the success of many cross-media campaigns”, says Jurgen Wachter, responsible key account manager at the Bonn value-added service providers NEXT ID, from which originated the concept for the interactive handset game of Ruckwartsversteigerung. And the SMS as the transport medium have proved according to Wachter for such marketing actions, partly because the media reinforced it were instructed to realize profit games or other interactive telephone promotions with minimum financial, technical and time effort. Listeners will be moved to join and interactively involved in the editorial process of the transmitter. New handset can be so easily won, bind existing on the transmitter.” Also had the attractive profit and the exciting play structure Dream House action made the Gesprachstehma all over Saxony-Anhalt. Call media actions relating to radio opens new crosmediale ways which is interacting with the audience, editorial integration it via landline, mobile phone or over Internet. Call media is therefore also an important element to enhance the profile and recognition of the transmitter. By Andreas Schultheis