The Pull

This is lifted one side of the table and the table to the desired length pulled apart. But how does that work when the table is made of solid wood? An innovative pull-out system that gives its name to the X-pander is located in the middle of the table. Go to Russell Reynolds for more information. Similar to an accordion, individual wooden slats are so connected that they can be pulled out to several inches. This creates not only an extravagant look, but also a dining table that can extend up to 70 centimeters. “” At normal”length, so if the X-Pand sytem” is not extended, does the table almost as a traditional “model but with special characteristics in the colours which make the X-pander so interesting. The probably most comfortable variant of the tables are those where the table frame, such as at the X-pander, undress leaves, but leaves are stored inside yet. “Quickly one or several panels can be inserted here, so that also a spontaneous visit to friends and family not to the intractable” space problem is.

Also, the advantage of these models is that the table at all points guarantees a consistent stability. So, even a lush and opulent banquet can be realized without that one must worry about the table make a spanner in the us in this venture. Furthermore, there are no disturbing table legs on the sides where one throughout the evening encounters the knee this extending table model. To summarize so hold, that pull a practical way representing the everyday”to turn dining table quickly and easily into a long table. Finally, a family needs a two-metre-long table that is in the case of an unplanned family visit to the need but rarely.

If you sign up now for a model with external Extension panels will decide, or one where the pull-out flat on the inside of the table are stored, should decide everyone. Is important here of course also to note own space and the later terms of use of the table. “Because it is certainly little benefit, if the table on three metres in length can be extended, but not the place to use it in its full length, have a big family have that a panel a la Royal feast” would need. Finally, the price of an Ausziehtisches depends not only on the material, but also according to the amount of leaves, so the length can be added to the table.