The Real Pirate Of The Seas

The FAO warns that 80% of global fish stocks are over-exploited. 30% of marine species are below safe biological limits. Every day, fears are mounting that can not regenerate. In a few years, the seas will be depleted and the fishing industry will disappear as an economic agent. As has happened with the European fishing grounds. From the North Seas, the Bay of Biscay, Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean have been exhausted and destroyed the habitat of most species. This depletion is due to trawling with nets LF, fences that trap even the young, using powerful lights, sonar, radar and satellite service of searching for life in the seas to destroy it. As a child, I heard of dynamite fishing in the estuaries of Galicia, with lights and forbidden arts.

a So our European fleets were in search of rich fishing grounds of Africa, Latin America and Asia. In a question-answer forum Lindsay Nichols was the first to reply. In many countries, served as unscrupulous rulers, lack the means to defend fishing in its waters, or false joint ventures depleted their wealth and served as an exploited labor and living as exiles in their own seas. a Do not we have depleted fisheries of the Great Sun, Barents Sea and many others? Is not it true that 93% of North Sea cod are caught before spawning and that since 2005, there is fishing for anchovy in the Bay of Biscay in a desperate attempt to restore the species to sustainable levels of exploitation? a No closures have been met, or sizes, or their migrations, or the regeneration of natural areas.