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If necessary, you must rinse in between again. The dirty areas, such as the sill plates, sill area, wheels and tyres is the use of a second, cheaper Waschhandschuhs cheap. So, you can protect the usually more expensive washcloth for the upper part of the vehicle and brings no unnecessary amounts of coarse dirt, turn the risk that this will not completely disappear by the laundry of the glove and when next using fine scratches caused. Products and accessories: 2 bucket 1-2 mittens Autoschampoo pressure washer Schaumspruher step 2: knead the dough to remove dirt, which remains at normal washes. These include rust, small tar on liabilities, brake dust and industrial deposits. Since but kneading can also cause fine scratches and holograms, it should consider first, whether it is really necessary to knead. This is the dough into portions of 50-70 g to a flat disc kneaded and using a lubricant with low pressure always back and forth over the paint cleaned it, until you feel no bumps more on the paint.

It is scrupulously to ensure that sufficient lubricant between paint and dough exists. During the kneading, you must again examine the dough, and straken dirt knead until there is again a clean dough surface available. Some kneading are very hard just at low ambient temperatures. These varieties can be set to reduce the risk of scratches before use in warm water or warm kneading by hand. Shampoo water or a Detailer may be used as a lubricant. When using shampoo water, you need a considerably greater amount due to the reduced lubricity. 2l per vehicle are a good guideline. This one should not too high dispensing the shampoo.

It may cause intolerances, which decomposes the dough. When using Detailer, you must always make sure whether the respective Detailer as lubricant is suitable. Many products can be diluted to achieve a greater efficiency for this purpose.