The Worst

Basically, all options should be included, which can be implemented, so that a large readership is addressed by your landing page. 12 viral marketing viral marketing is the desired virus-like”spreading a message. With viral marketing, the beneficiary of a message or a product wants to sprinkle these as wide as possible. The user / reader takes a message and spread it in his interest to many of his friends. Viral marketing and viral advertising use marketing methods, which are looking for existing social networks and how use to exponentially increase brand awareness through an epidemic spread.

Landing pages are suitable for this type of advertising particularly through the targeted, concise messages. Often, it is the recommendation of a product, a service or a site, thanks to Online support the exponential distribution possible. As a result, many people can be reached in a very short time. (Source: Wikipedia) Viral marketing is not only for individuals becoming more popular but also companies have realized that this is a good form of marketing. 13 implementation of control and analysis of trust is good control is better. According to this motto, controls and analyses should be performed always at intervals.

“Is not worse, as if is not a success or put it another way: I made mistakes”, so I must check my advertising campaigns or other activities and attach corrections in the worst case newly develop. Work 14.Verbesserungen after an analysis of user behavior change, so analyses or evaluations are required also in this respect, in time to act in a timely manner to reshape advertising opportunities. An area that is often underestimated or even ignored. You show ads and then they are forgotten, there is no analysis, a performance measurement is not performed.