This Beefy

There are KfW financing for the purchase of roof available with absolute certainty but already now. You are very cheap with an interest rate of only 2.75%. Against this background, the investor could expect already in the third year with a positive cash flow. And this cash flow across never come for decades, then stalled. So: He runs and runs and runs the only washing machine large cogeneration plant yourself as well as the earnings associated with him. Many writers such as CNBC Analysits offer more in-depth analysis. Because as well as the cult vehicle of Wolfsburg, the Badger for a solid piece of German craftsmanship is: a sturdy, long-lasting single cylinder four stroke engine with 580 centimetre displacement under the steel housing throbs as the centerpiece of the roof. This Beefy drive unit is connected with a Dynamo to generate electricity.

But like any other internal combustion engine movement forces not only free, but also heat also is also the roof motor during operation. In car engines this thermal performance is an unwanted side-effect, by cooling the kill made; and also many conventional large power stations to supply whole tracts of land verjubeln this preciousness and puffing away this warm air over powerful cooling towers just outside. How thoughtless and wasteful in these times! The roof, however, uses this heat far wiser: it heats domestic hot water and rooms and makes its operator thus significantly independent of the fluctuations of in oil and gas prices. Because as already his forest-inhabiting namesake on four paws also the mechanical roof is an undemanding omnivorous: you can hold his massive piston with conventional oil and natural gas as well as in motion such as biodiesel or liquefied petroleum gas. Even canola oil swallows handmade muscle man without a murmur of the compact, piece by piece. Electric Bill goodbye! Parallel to the cosy warmth the great washing machine device generates power up to 12,000 kilowatt-hours a year.