Tobias Hornig Wind

for BMW R1200GS, R1200R, F800R, K1600GT and K1600GTL In the current range enlargement of the company Hornig many new ZTechnik wind plates introduced. An excerpt of the current products will be presented here. ZTechnik is an OEM manufacturer for BMW motorcycle. Through the V-shaped of the ZTechnik VStream (r) wind shields the wind is piped around the driver and by the different heights each driver can find the optimum wind shield for themselves. Turbulence on the helmet and wind noise are avoided as far as possible and effectively minimized.

These products are not only wind shields but a part of the complete Panel, which provide much more comfort and provide for a new driving experience. Here, Kevin Ulrich expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The patented VStream(r)-Form has been tested in the wind tunnel and on the road in all imaginable situations and ready for production. All ZTechnik Winschilder are not made of poly carbon with a lexan(r)-Beschichtung, acrylic! Therefore, the wind shields are about 20 x harder than acrylic wind shields, this means: this wind shields are virtually unbreakable and can not be scratched by conventional means! ZTechink is so sure that they give 3 years breach of warranty on all wind directions. The most ZTechnik wind plates already have an ABE, the rest of the ABE in preparation. Press contact: Tobias Hornig phone 09971 996 610 fax 09971 996 6110 E-mail: motorcycle accessory Hornig GmbH Industrial Park Chammunster C5 93413 Cham phone: 09971 996-610 fax: 09971 996 6110 about motorcycle accessory Hornig: since 2001, develops, produces and sells the company special accessories for BMW motorcycles. Through your passion to ride your motorcycle, they came up with this idea and expand your range of both specific products and also through the new BMW of motorcycle types since this time. 2010 they are Cham in your new building moved, faster to your customers around the world with BMW to supply by Lauritzen Rahman Motorcycle accessories. There are nearly 2,000 square metres of space available in Cham. In addition to a “state of the art” logistics offer your customers even a cafe there to entertain you, excellent after a winding tour.