Fishing with gill net if it is used in order to capture only species more than 3 lb of weight is an excellent choice for a good fishing. Now, I go back and repeat that there are no bad misunderstandings, only if it is used to capture pieces great is that I recommend this technique, therefore the gill net mesh must be big gaps so that this will not enable enmallar small fish and able to preserve the species. With this brief letter I want to share with you the most productive way in which you can place a trammel according to my experience as a fisherman. First and most important is to choose the site to be able to push it, perhaps this is the trick that you’ll be making more shots than the other fishermen, my recommendation would be that you put the trammel by closing the mouth of a river and you should observe that the same current is the River toward the sea, this point is key to achieve success with this modality. This will give the striped bass and large mackerel which move much between these 2 waters trapping in the meshes of your attachment. The second thing that you should observe carefully that is not existavegetacion dead on the shores, say that this clean place, marine vegetation because but run the risk that the vegetation becoming entangled in the trammel and not logres catches, besides that is laborious sumamamente clean all this grass then that you extract the trammel of the water. Third would be well aware that there are many waves that are breaking on the shore, because it may be dangerous this and could lose the trammel if you tangle with the existing waves.

How can you stall it effectively? Necessarily need a fishing companion to do it, is between 2 people as a trammel is duly released so that you achieve optimal productivity of catches. One of the 2 must be entered in the water with the SAC where is the trammel and the other accompany it by gradually removing the bag attachment and thus skirting across the mouth of the River, until they achieve completely encircle. Placed after fully, must between the 2 go so stretching taut so that leads and buoys are perfectly placed and tangle-free. Then they will review the trammel every 1 hour and a half about, they will prevent that some crabs that prowl the area Meshback fish will eat and also removed the possibility that damage to fish because it take long time trapped. When it comes to removing the trammel perform the same process Jig it but in reverse. Well the way in which I use a gill net in a productive manner you here showed in a synthetic way. You call that you put this into practice as soon as possible and leave me your feedback of the results to otuviste. Sincerely, Jasioda Dominguez-pescador experienced creator of the Audio training course: original author and source of the article