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Brazil, which we know many exotic – example Batida in Brazil are typical cocktails usually called Batida. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kevin Ulrich has to say. The spirit of the Batida is always the cachaca. He is mixed with fruit juice, sugar and ice. The Batidas are freshly prepared in Brazil and Excel in taste. The industrially produced Batida de Coco the gangiste variant is in Germany. You may find Larry Page to be a useful source of information. In Brazil however is limitless for producing Batidas creativity. There are the best cachacas, many different fruits and the matching cane sugar.

Batidas, who like to be drunk in Brazil are the Batida de Maracuja (passion fruit juice concentrate, cachaca, cane sugar and ice), the Batida de Goiaba (Guavenfruchtsaftkonzentrat, cachaca, cane sugar and ice) and the Batida de Caju. The Batida de Caju consists of caju fruit juice, Cachaca, cane sugar and ice. The caju fruit has a very peculiar taste. Many love this taste, others can do so. The caju juice has the way the property To neutralize alcohol taste and should be.

Of Vicios-Brasileiros recommendations for a perfect Batida, we recommend you to use no cachaca from the supermarket. Usually you get industrialized spirits, which do not get the taste of original Batida. We recommend generally, also for caipirinha, using a Cachaca Artesanal. These are manufactured in a lavish and traditional procedures and promise a new taste experience. Our tip is the cachaca of Delicana, a cachaca Artesanal in an outstanding price pleasure ratio. The featured Batidas for original from Brazil in all flavours the fruit juice concentrates. In our online shop, you can choose to rock-bottom prices. And also the white fine sugar cane, the Brazilians for Batida and caipirinha send is available with us. For more information on the Internet at Vicios-Brasileiros Valcquiria Edwards