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Other examples are the inability of the kidney to receive the Qi; Yang ascending flotation; ineptitude of clean Yang to ascend and the collapse of the Qi of the triple warmer environment. All this can be generalized as the pathological changes caused by the abnormal ascending and descending of Qi. Although all the Zang-Fu organs […]


The acidity is probably the most common discomfort of the third trimester of pregnancy! While the baby grows, your uterus expands putting pressure in your digestive tract and can make that content is forced upwards. When this happens, the acid contents of the stomach is lifted up into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation […]


You don’t need to have a website to earn money on the Internet. Here is a proven method to make money online without a website: step 1: find affiliate products find a product to promote having a good Commission for each sale that you make and thus earn more money for the same effort. Generally, […]

Decisions Leadership

Accept the difficulty of building yourself and the value of start correcting you. The triumph of the true man emerges from the ashes of his mistake. Pablo Neruda the regrettable event that the miners in Chile, have faced has been world news, where those who have followed this fact, even beyond the Chilean border, worried […]

Argentina Dollar

Although there is currently no concern in this regard, it is a theme to follow closely. Apart from the increased appetite for the demand for dollars, for the time being until the legislative elections, everything suggests that the price of the U.S. currency will remain stable. One can imagine that a tolerance range that one […]

Kuo Min Tang Returns

In the last century China has known only two major parties: the nationalist (Kuo Ming Tang: KMT) and the Communist, the same who are the forgers of the two republics that has taken the nation since 1949. The first was founded in the 1910s by promoting the unification of their country and then enters the […]

Levi Strauus

it is not describing an aculturalisation but a hybrid multiculturalism. So therefore, Maalouf and Geerzt, not only not lost wealth but that differences enrich become subtle for one and are blurred for the other. This approach is at odds with the pessimism of Levi Strauus in his feeling of dissolution of cultural differences. It is […]

Iberian Peninsula

17 Botanic Gardens in the maritime forest: difficult access for the traveller, converge in three small villages all sorts of human and plant wildlife. 11,000 species of trees and various exotic plants, outside these gardens we find ourselves from a Gothic Fountain (s. XIV) until the chapel of Santa Barbara (s. XII), passing through different […]

Publisher Rove Different

Made nothing more than directors of EDITORIAL ROVE (www.editorialrove.com), a fledgling Publisher with a promising future, but in the end, those interviewed: Lucas Moltrasio and Diego Corradini. So I leave the interview starting with a question that asked Diego to contact first with him: you are the director of the publishing house? DC: Yes, and […]

Office Training

Everytime I prepare a training session try to give the best, thinking about people and their expectations. Everything is not always pink and that happens in the best families. In general, there are many participants attending a workshop, by obligation rather than by belief there is exceptions of course. When I travel to the interior […]