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Constitutional Court

This last one supposes that the Court must abstain to take part fixing preceding on subjects that are rather controversial and where the valuing positions can divide to the public opinion. This implies, on the other hand, a prudent practice that allows the Court to obtain the greater possible consensus in the use of this […]

Process Educative

It is indicated, that it is not necessary to forget, that the responsibility of a manager requires of a performance that is efficient and effective simultaneously although the efficiency is more important but the effectiveness is more decisive, by such reason can be said, that the manager must evolve with high levels of efficiency to […]

Social Chaos

Theory Of the Social Chaos/Chapter 7: Crisis, conflicts and social chaos/ISBN 9789801241312 we have affirmed in a previous test (Entropy, Information and Chaos) that &quot corresponds to Chapter 2 of the book; Theory of the Social&quot Chaos; , that in the social systems, as well as in the natural systems, the presence and the consecuencial […]

La Paz

Its coming did not satisfy the expectation policy of a new time of the Venezuelan, and the ruling chaos, nourished of rises and to drive guerrilla (disputes between Venezuelans), was translated in an enormous political deception from the point of view of the national stability and La Paz. The historical coup d’etat mentality that had […]

Choosing Furniture

At the moment exise an ample variety of possibilities at the time of choosing the furniture for the dormitory of its son. This situation, and the necessity to consider different aspects simultaneously, can cause that the election of the furniture is a somewhat heavy task. In order to facilitate this selection, we recommended some advice […]


A social policy that bursts in from down, taken root in the urban and rural peripheries; different, noninstitutional, asamblearia, boisterous, uncertain a policy. Chaotic? 3. – Chaos or Caologa"? When the etnocentrismo squashes the generosity without borders and uses the interests of the hierarchic power, with the use of the arms and the material accumulation, […]

General Motors

In this way, Bush manages to be the most unpopular president of American modern history. As he in the last commented article to them on EE.UU. , the situation of the American economy is worrisome and the problems are continued adding. In the last days, the automotive sector entered scene with Ford (NYSE: F) and […]

Enterprise Climate

This attribute acts two as within the model. First of all, it affects the importance of the other attributes. If the quality of the decision is important, other qualities become critics for a decision as well effective. The second function is more direct. JPMorgan Chase recognizes the significance of this. If the other things remain […]

State Interests

The ones in charge to provide security are not making their task of correct way, since corrupted by the thirst of the power they have become of the fat view, the citizens no longer create in any political leader because they are realizing of which simply they watch his interests and is by which they […]

Daniel Fernandez

The Defense council of Patagonia (CDP) reacted before the exit of the general manager of HidroAysn, Hernn Salazar, and the consequent entrance of Daniel Fernandez in the created executive vice-presidency, that the company announced Tuesday 29 of March, indicating that " the change was seen come and shows the failure of the management of the […]