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Networking Lounge Focuses

Despite their medical expertise, just doctors are often vulnerable to burnout. No wonder: Berlin, 22 August 2013. You are very committed to the profession and partnership, family and friends are also in private life sometimes for stress. How can you prevent so effectively Burnout? This issue is devoted to the women’s networking lounge shows 2013 […]

New Managing Director

Change at the top of the arvato subsidiary Dortmund, June 11, 2013 – the previous head of Operations Jorg was quick to June 3, 2013, to Managing Director of finance GmbH ordered BFS health. Jorg is fast so that succeeds Konrad Bommas, passing management best mutual agreement in new hands after almost ten years of […]

The Eurozone Is On The Brink Of Economic Recession

AFP – Brussels (AFP) – The European economy is slowing so dangerous under the influence of rising oil and the strong euro, and runs the risk of stagnating or even falling into a recession, at a time of record inflation, according to recent indicators and expert opinion. More – in demand:

Argentina Dollar

Although there is currently no concern in this regard, it is a theme to follow closely. Apart from the increased appetite for the demand for dollars, for the time being until the legislative elections, everything suggests that the price of the U.S. currency will remain stable. One can imagine that a tolerance range that one […]

San Telmo Assembly

On 18 and 19 November will take place in the Palace of fairs and Congress Center of Malaga V Assembly of the grouping of members of the San Telmo International Institute.The hour of truth, motto of the Assembly of San Telmo a quote where a significant number of speakers of the first order will discuss […]

Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is a kind of large milling equipment.Just like other equipment (ball mill), it is inevitable to generate some voice with the operation of various parts when it is in the normal work. Barrett Wissman takes a slightly different approach. As for the users, it is noraml. However, if these sounds exceeds a certain […]

AFJP Companies

In relation to it, the Argentine government already has given finished samples of his cortoplacista, characteristic vision that it transforms into a threat in case it is translated in its interventions in these companies. Additionally, if the government manages to accede to the directory of the companies, it will have access to strategic intelligence of […]

Exhibition Industry

Exhibitions – not a waste of time and money! According to the Center for Exhibition Industry (U.S.) annually to participate in trade fairs, American businesses spend $ 60 billion – more than in outdoor advertising, as well as advertising in magazines and on radio together! In addition, the exhibition – is a more efficient method […]