Monthly Archives: September 2018

Karambolny Weight

Why weight range of mass models for pool cues, sold in Russia is 19-21 ounce or more? Part of the answer can be to find one paragraph above – because the mass models are designed for hobbyists who do not have a regular practice. Also – this allows the weight of a strong and well […]

Revolutionary Breakthrough

After 16 years of intensive research in laboratories, and numerous practice tests and field trials, the company managed to produce Remmers absolute breakthrough in silicate technology. For the first time it became possible to develop products with unusually high resistance, which in this case are simple and application availability in the price. New silicate technology […]

STAS Launches Autumn

With a series of events the STAS GmbH in Reilingen starts a BI initiative for medium-sized companies providers of business intelligence solutions, leading in the autumn. Reilingen, Wels, 05.08.2008 – with a series of events will start a BI initiative for medium-sized companies the STAS GmbH, Reilingen, leading provider of business intelligence solutions in the […]

Nicolas Plogert

Therefore Sharewise sees itself also as open and transparent company”, says Nicolas Plogert, such as Nothegger CEO and co-founder of Sharewise. We integrate our users directly into the Sharewise platform. Now the Sharewise user refine the importance of the platform as a stock research tool by additions and Keywording of background information.” Each user is […]

Europe Cars

Also today still can when buying an imported vehicle save some. Whom the German new car price is too high and the offered used cars spread uncertainty, which may apply as a third variant on a EU importer. An EU can be several thousand dollars cheaper on foreign car. As the re-import business has become […]