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Educational Business Games

In the methodological literature there is enough development of educational business games. Examples of educational games I used the lessons of economics in 6-7 classes: "Market", "Book Factory," "desert island", "advert", "Custom Homes", etc. No less important is research students working on the essay and subsequent participation in scientific conferences. This allows students to: to […]

Second Raider

Then they sell their assets, getting money for it. But the more they sell the assets, the lower is the price. And while this market logic seems at first sight, sound, in fact (and this is the main cause of the crisis), it generated a lot of Bubble – assets whose value has been over-inflated […]

The Desires

… Increasingly aware of the futility of their existence, lack of meaning in life, I feel devastated, confused … Yes, everyone has their reasons … But life went on in nakatannomu: childhood, youth, education, work, vacation, work, work … And in brewing: Why me? Who are these people? why they gave me less and less […]

Jeans: Businessmen

Jeans. Denim fashion. History of jeans What can unite a businessman and a poor man, a star of Hollywood and a housewife, a poor student and a prominent politician? Of course, jeans. To date – the most democratic thing that unites people regardless of age, wealth and social status. Jeans have been a more than […]

Marie Clair

Typically, these conditions are complied with correctly by the editorial board in two cases: to promote a stable brand advertised in the pages of the magazine or is stylistically unique in this season and marked the editors of fashion even on the podium. Another possibility editorial – the use of photographs of clothing and accessories […]

Tom Hopkins

Many of the "salesmen" are mistaken, belief that there is a technique that will increase sales. In fact, a lot of ways. And to be precise, each individual has their own personal approach. Foolishly hope that by visiting the sales training – have become a kind of "sales gurus". Each new technique needs to be […]

Economist Specialist

People with self-esteem has an abundance mentality, they know that in life there for everyone, generous, and his natural tendency is to share with others. People with self-esteem are happy, have a sense of humor and a state of general contentment. People with self-esteem feel able to face the challenges life brings them. Fight to […]


Historical Overview: This is a preparation of fusion cuisine here in the United States classified tel-mex cuisine, that is a recipe inspired by ingredients and Mexican cultures, but developed in the United States, industrialized products of American origin. The original recipe is from my friend of 35 years Carlos Anato, who at every opportunity we […]

Public Service

That is why it is extremely effective that public administration should follow “good practices”. The “how” has three aspects: 1) Education for the selectivity: government campaigns should Tend, first of all, the consumer awareness so that when choosing not only consider the price-quality, but also how is contributing to the progress of the community, to […]

Company Specialization

No, I’m not hard, but if I could finally wrap my day, I could go earlier and we’d have time to go eat at the restaurant tonight to talk at our ease. The idea appealed to him. She did call me. My secretary: “Your cousin Henry on one … and your uncle Jacques on the […]