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It is probable that you are one of the decided people to invest in a investment fund. You have done it already, you are considering or it to do, is important that you know how is that these bottoms are satisfied. As you know well, the investment funds, correspond to those bottoms that under the […]

International Factoring

Client: Head of trade receivables (invoices) and factoring contracts. Debtors: Buyers of the goods or services the client (seller). Benefits Saves time, saves money, and obtaining accurate reports. Allows for maximum mobilization of the portfolio of debtors and ensure recovery of all of them. Simplifies accounting, since by factoring the user agreement now has a […]

Recruitment Firms

Why don’t they do the headhunters and recruitment firms? It is becoming increasingly more common to use the expensive services of this type of companies when it comes to an engagement, although the benefits tend to be much lower than the high costs associated. Firstly, the truth is that one cannot understand how it is […]

Ferris Research

Detections of new worms have declined noticeably since 2004 – which accounted for the 34.7% – up to 2006, in which only reach 17.1%. This indicates that cybercriminals are concentrating their efforts on those types of malware that provide economic benefits. > PandLabs in 2005 recorded a significant increase in the number of new species […]


In this series of articles upon the existence of bureaucracy and its historical development, present and its future: the adhocracy. If something exasperating us in times running it is the bureaucratic organization. The ranking has existed since the beginning of time, it suffices to recall the activity of the scribes Sumerians, Avid eager to centralize […]


To select an auditor to audit its financial statements need to start to decide on the objectives of the audit. If an organization seeks a formal audit, but in order to pass the financial statements, this article is not for you. We consider the selection of the quality auditor for organizations that this result is […]

Cost Control

By Jorge Paulino electrical engineer cost accounting is a powerful tool in the planning and control of the activities of a company, being an effective tool to analyze the behavior of costs in decision making and meet requirements of the accounting and tax firms. Fundamental is the perfect detail all costs, which will allow the […]

Travel Agency Choice

Just around the corner is probably the most awaited time of the year – summer, time of holidays and vacation you start thinking about the country and the place where you could feel like in paradise After the decision, is the most important choice – a choice travel agency through which you will carry out […]

Fuel Compact TRIS

Fuel particles TRIS fragmented to show the multi-layer cover.Fuel tri-isotropic (Tris) were initially developed in Germany for high-temperature reactors cooled by gas. TRIS in fuel, uranium carbide is coated by several layers of pyrolytic carbon and silicon dioxide to retain fission products at high temperatures. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeremy Tucker. These […]

Colombia Management

Most of us have a dream and that is to leave his job and become a businessman, first everything must have clear its strategy, even before seeking the resources to turn your business idea into reality. That will allow to overcome the first of many obstacles that have to be entrepreneurs face. Visit Pinterest for […]