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E-commerce is traffic of economic transactions, purchase or sale of goods and services, agile, fast and direct, favoured by the convenience and ease of use by users on the Internet. Covers, therefore, the issues raised by any relation of a commercial nature, whether or not contractual, structured from the use of one or more messages […]

Francisco Camps

His critics, who are, for that claim on him is a unfinished candidate. As if the politicians were like rice, you need an exact cooking point so that it fits well to the voters without finishing, either, sticking to the electoral paella. However, Paco Camps is an applied and exemplary opponent who, like good students […]

Commercially Available Auto

The Pelayo insurance slows the collapse of the bouquet auto insurer saves Pelayo, literally, the collapse of the auto industry. In fact, customer retention policies have borne fruit and have resulted in a reduction of the premium average of 2.4 percent. Pelayo thoroughly explains in its balance sheet in the year of 2010 there is […]


Perhaps that is why prospective foreign buyers prefer to visit different websites in the privacy of your home, in a way they are not subjected to any commercial pressure, and extracted from them the information necessary to later engage already in contacts and interviews on a well-documented basis, with companies that most interest them. By […]

Sites Commercial

In internet there are different alternatives both for web hosting free as most of these companies used to free domains, mechanisms to recover investment somehow presenting advertising sites, placing banners at the beginning, or pop-up Windows or banners in the header of the page, etc. Is a considerable saving in personal projects where you do […]

OsCommerce Webshops

It’s the creation of stores online, open source software and free, with more tradition that we have tried so far. Magento, Prestashop and many others have emerged in the world of online with reference to OsCommerce stores. It was released in 2000, developed in PHP and version 3.0.2 is now stagnant in its beta form. […]

European Commerce

The stabilization of two transcendental currencies for the development of the European commerce like the global one, being as much the Euro as of Libra, is one of the subjects with greater handle within the financial panorama on a large scale that has in expectation to many people and organizations. If you have read about […]

Commercial Cracks

What you will read in this article, may sound very logical, but more than 85% of small employers just love when they realize this concept. Many entrepreneurs submit queries on how to strengthen their marketing, how to better sell their products and services, and increase your sales, and better organize your business area, and other […]


E-commerce, buy and sell over the net brief introduction of e-commerce, shops and shopping on the net. Technological advances in computing and Internet communications have been evolving activities of people, as well as the way of doing business. Internet has become the ideal platform for the development of small and large companies, to allow the […]

European Commerce

The penultimate chapter ' ' The businesses of acar' ' it shows the relations between two different worlds, but at the same time dependents between them these worlds were colony-metropolis. In this relation the first aspect was ' ' The commerce triangular' ' , that in century XVI it formed the triangle, America-Europe-Africa, that is, […]