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Economic Activity

Economic Activity of this city’s economy revolves around the production of sugar and livestock. It presents good prospects for production, marketing and export of vegetables and fruits. It also has the largest wine producing company in Venezuela, Bodegas Pomar, who grows 4 varieties in the field of Altagracia, whose facilities can vsitarse to observe and […]


While Max Weber is recognized today as one of the founders of modern sociology, he also had an important role in the economy.From the viewpoint of economists, Weber is the representative of the German Historical School of Economics youngest. His most valued contributions in this field is his work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit […]

Markus Klein

Concentration and expansion of the offer on lifestyle amenities in the fields of furniture & furnishings, rattan furniture, as well as E-mobility which stands now also offers for commercial customers in gastronomy and hotel industry possible amenities with acceptable quality at affordable prices for customers lifestyle articles absolutely in the foreground, so the knowledge of […]

What Is The Competition

To begin let’s define who is the competition, it is important to understand that is what we will analyze. Competentie comes from the Latin and refers to the opposition or rivalry between two or more who aspire to the same thing in our case the situation of companies that compete in a market or demand […]

The Polar Beer

The Polar Beer production began in Venezuela in 1941 with the establishment of the first floor of the company in Ant mano west of Caracas. In 1950 due to the success of Polar beer able to establish a second plant in eastern Venezuela in Barcelona. In 1951 opened another plant in the city of Caracas […]

The Mass Appeal Of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones – now almost every one has. Who still has no mobile phone is often regarded as something unrealistic, although it is superior to many times already, whether it earlier, when there were no cell phones, but perhaps not beautiful. Who was not home earlier, was simply not attainable. Point and off. But with […]

Sample Letters

Want vacation to write homes a apartments letter townhomes Indian new condo site fort condos where vacation rentals there condominiums sale is condo or information and sample letters new homes or luxury homes professional apartments for sale labor, business vacation rental letter townhouses for sale model, rental model condominium sale for townhome family letter, properties […]

Intercultural Competence Islam & Ramadan

During Ramadan for business or on holiday in Islamic and Arab countries? Ramadan Knigge 2013: s is for about 1.4 billion Muslims of the Mauritania / Morocco to Malaysia / Inonesien celebrate the Holy fasting month of Ramadan on proper behavior, that is the most important month of the year; It is the month in […]