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Production Process

On the structure of the company and the construction of its subdivisions affected by industrial, technical and organizational factors. The most important are the nature of the production process and product, production scale, nature and degree of specialization, the degree of coverage of product life cycle. Nature of the production process. By stage of fabrication […]

Peter Drucker

Management by objectives (MBO) is based on a clear premise, the evaluation of workers will be based on the fulfilment of the objectives by the employee. Swarmed by offers, Nissan is currently assessing future choices. Apparently, this represents a step forward, but also has its weaknesses. Guru Peter Drucker is considered the father of this […]


Time ago companies chose the best employee in each sector to ascend to the immediate charge and a team of staff is delivered to his Office. To be Chief was required to be faithful, serious, rigid, hard, silent that it is interested in work and if possible that you had or acted with dog Bulldog […]

Jim Rohn

11 Is unexplained we spent years of age working for another and a salary only to survive to the limit, and when it’s a serious business, which will be without doubt the total change for self and all their loved ones, simply despair and want to win of the evening to the morning. Coming out […]

Women and Career Paths

Different questions asked by a woman walking along the difficult path career. There are those who simply do not give rest. Depending on their age, they change. Initially, this – I was not taken seriously?! Then become important – Who me? Inevitably it comes time to attend to – I Who comes on the heels? […]

Publisher Rove Different

Made nothing more than directors of EDITORIAL ROVE (, a fledgling Publisher with a promising future, but in the end, those interviewed: Lucas Moltrasio and Diego Corradini. So I leave the interview starting with a question that asked Diego to contact first with him: you are the director of the publishing house? DC: Yes, and […]