Monthly Archives: September 2013

Satellite TV

In the 1950s? s in full race between United States and the Soviet Union, becomes the first satellite into orbit, Sputnik, launched by the Russians in 1957, only 6 years later launched an American communications satellite Syncom II, however was not until 15 years later that satellite television signals are transmitted, and on March 1, […]

Sports Games

Sports games developers have turned to Latin America, especially in Mexico, to offer a regional experience that will help increase sales. For the first time a Latin American Development Studio developed a game based on a purely Mexican sport: wrestling. What is Heroes of the Ring, the aforementioned development? Heroes of the Ring has a […]


Doors Prague launches to the market of automatic doors a garage door manufactured entirely in natural wood. First were closures of security, then approved glass sliding automatic doors and industrial doors homologated with safety band as a redundant system with emergency exits, and now is the fusion of aesthetics and functionality that makes this new […]

Competition Intensifies Advertising

The main thing – do not be disheartened and discouraged. Output is always there. Here are some tips that would win. 1. Create a game. You've probably seen the play of children. They are tired, dirty and torn clothes, bruises and black eyes are. Incidentally, do it is totally free. Try to stop them – […]