Monthly Archives: April 2020

European Communities

The equipment of the CEEI is made up of more than 366 workers, of whom more of 70% they are titleholders superiors and more than 250 are dedicated to the advising of projects. With the transfer of it soothes from ANCES to Malaga, the Pta increases the number of heads of national and international networks […]

Bulgarian Perfume

The investment to start up east business is reduced since with about 14,000 Euros (more IVA) it is possible to be begun. It is ideal for self-employment but like investment for which it wants to have a small chain of establishments in its locality, with establishments among 15 to 35 meters also squared in populations […]

Attending Virtual Courses

The new technologies of our days have caused enough advances in our day to day, specifically the appearance and distribution of Internet was one of the most significant landmarks. In the field of the education, the availability to make courses online, like famous the virtual courses the Seine in Colombia, as well as to look […]


The new publication of the ZMG demonstrates that the newspaper long is much more than the image that has the public by you. Frankfurt am Main, 14 September 2012. The newspaper believes everyone to know, finally there for more than 400 years a proven medium. On closer inspection, it reveals but quite another side: because […]


But is it worth training to end, as he also begins to actively throw in our blood the muscle tissue disruptors – hormones, kataboliki, such as cortisol – a relic of our genetic unit, created by nature over four million years. Why is that? Why do our bodies learn the process of evolution to produce […]

Inner Powers

You believe in your inner powers You believe in your inner powers? From my glance this is the form to change truly. If you develop to your inner powers your life it will be able to make a change with a high risk of improving your personal situation. Not only serious able to transform positively […]


She praised us for our intelligence by saying that 'strange' alien vendors evicted from here. Yes, we ourselves have seen the picture when even at the entrance to the man with carrying the two men ran from the requirement to show the contents, took the pups for small money, but most were not allowed even […]

Germany Oil

The alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) from flaxseed oil has proved to be very effective. It is converted in our bodies after consumption in a number of other biologically active substances, which play an important role as an opponent of inflammatory processes in our body. This is confirmed by a number of research. Specifically, ALA leads to […]

American Airlines

Every time they are plus the people who form and buy their Trips in Internet. In countries like England, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United States the numbers show that more of 70% of the travellers they go to Internet to buy his trips; in the Latin American countries the numbers are much more low […]

Good Philosophy

In Rousseau, the fifth chapter of Emilio is marked by the construction of a knowledge that empties the possibility of the woman to think. According to it, ‘ ‘ they must learn many things, but only those that saber’ agrees them; ‘. For Nietzsche, in Beyond the Good and of the Evil: ‘ ‘ The […]