Barcelona receives the 35th edition of the international motor show from 9 to 17 may in the Montjuic exhibition site. Car lovers will participate in a Grand Edition which coincides with the 90th anniversary of the automobile and the Grand Prize of Spain of Formula 1 which will be broadcast live on a giant screen during the first weekend of the exhibition. The international motor show in Barcelona expects to receive more than 1,000,000 visitors who will delight in the world firsts, a box of tests of new vehicles, spectacles of free style and quads, a sample of the Hispano-Suiza signature collection parts manufactured before 1940, in addition to many other activities, as the exhibition auto & rock, which brings together historical covers of Rock & Roll inspired by cars and motorcycles, and the collaboration of 55 brands in 250,000 m 2 of shocking statement. For the little ones the international motor show in Barcelona will offer a Karting circuit, theory and practice on road safety and CARP with children’s animations. Racing enthusiasts can enjoy the bike of Dani Pedrosa and a replica of the R29 Fernando Alonso piloted. The professionals of the sector will be interested in the awards international motor show, which at its 7th Edition award to companies and organizations that have carried out research and development in the automotive sector. The price of admission is 10 (children under 10 years free entrance). Those interested in attending the event can book hotels in Barcelona through, which offers 80 prices per double room with breakfast included in Hotel Tryp Apolo (offer valid until May 10), the Hotel AC Sants from 96,30 and Paral.lel Hotel from 62,06..


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Russian Culture

The Festival of Russian culture in which Switzerland has been opened in 2011. Occasion for the Festival of Russian culture in the Switzerland 2011 is the 65th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations between the different countries. The diplomatic relations between the former Soviet Union and of Switzerland were canceled in 1923. Switzerland Russia GSR society launched a corresponding petition to resume of diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union in 1944. Despite many obstacles by Swiss authorities came in just 20 days around 120 000 signatures together, which moved on March 18, 1946 to the Federal Council to take back his relations with the Soviet Union. People such as gender equality would likely agree. Other States such as that decided the Federal Republic of Germany only in 1955 and later–long after the end of the second world war in Exchange for the return of the last prisoners of war from the Soviet Union–a resumption of diplomatic relations. Culture characterizes the relationship between the Switzerland and Russia the culture is an integral part of the bilateral relations since between the Switzerland and Russia. With the signing of a memorandum of understanding in March 2009, a formal framework for the cultural exchange between the two countries and raised various positive initiatives.

The Switzerland has stated, for example, the cultural exchange with Russia a priority of the next few years. So, Russia is one of the foundation Pro Helvetia from 2012 to 2015, the priority countries. Pro Helvetia plans in particular the opening of a liaison office in Moscow, which is due to open the doors to the rapidly growing Russian cultural scene Swiss artists. Conversely, the Festival of Russian culture in the Switzerland was launched in 2011. Prior to its opening, the Russian Culture Minister Alexander Awdejew was received by Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter in Bern. This first talks for a bilateral agreement on the import and return of cultural goods should be carried in silence.

Rhenish Hesse

Klopp, Schick and bag signers of initiative Rhenish Hesse against the right, want to we put a sign. Nazis have to look not at us”, so Roland Schafer, Chairman of the Young Socialists of Mainz-Bingen. Many people have already entered it himself, I’m sure that others will follow.”. Among the signatories are also the football coach Jurgen Klopp, Landrat Claus Schick and Mayor Jens Beutel. Go to virtus kar for more information. The Young Socialists had launched the initiative launched last week. Aim is to show that Rheinhessen tolerate extremism under any circumstances. In Guntersblum, the incidents have shown that there is a problem in our region. And not just in Guntersblum”, said Schafer.

We want content to deal with the topic, but also a signal”. A series of events on the subject of Nazism in Rhineland-Palatinate was already for the coming year in the planning. With the initiative Rhenish Hesse against the right “Let’s hope on wide social support.” as Andre Thomas, Deputy Chairman of the Young Socialists. The DGB, be it the DGB youth, the Greens and the Green Youth supporters group already. It is not something virtus kar would like to discuss. All other parties, groups and organizations are cordially invited “, as Thomas more.

Jasmin Bolger

“Three to four weeks was also there me delivery time. My girlfriend devours the novels by Jasmin Bolger. I then phoned the author personally and luckily she had more books at home and could send me an autographed copy of.” Jasmin Bolger, which always hits the nerve of their mainly female readership with her sensitive and insightful novels, lately often hears such complaints of their readers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kevin Ulrich MGM. “Fortunately, my books are all online through my website of course also available with signature-, otherwise I don’t know what I should do.” Initially only as additional marketing thought icing on the cake, your own website as an increasingly indispensable instrument turns out, to prevent a slump in book sales. “To the” Lucky I have my Web page”, Jasmin Bolger laughs”and luckily I have a fixed root readership, which immediately alerted me of such irregularities in the operation of literature, so that I can act promptly.” Act, which will be soon hopefully no longer necessary if the espresso book machine, which will revolutionize the book sales according to CEO of Blackwell Andrew Hutchings, first worldwide is available, and in particular smaller, independent booksellers offers the possibility to compete with Amazon and large good sized houses. “I like the idea that new impulses for the small authors and bookstores might emanate from this machine”, says Jasmin Bolger. “The idea that my clients will go in her small bookshop around the corner and next to my books titles will soon also have access to one million, is already very tempting.” If the novel as a mother’s day gift should be concerned on the wishlist as a birthday gift or for the vacation requires a quick beach read is “in the future”, of which Jasmin Bolger is convinced, “can the espresso book machine ensure that my novels on all possible occasions in a timely manner and above all are within a few minutes available.

Regulation Posters

Only no employee who had the list was there, then up supporters should pull a number and are back on, and wait until they’re, which lasted over an hour. Then dates with the election authority, the community should be, agreed what was done, then in the short term have been changed. Despite commitment outside of talk time signatures of supporters to afford citizens rejected before the town hall”, as Macedo. According to 32 para 4 No. 12 Brandenburg municipal election Regulation (BbgKWahlV) is obliged without delay to meet the tasks assigned to it, the Deputy National Electoral Director of Brandenburg Mrs Behrend told us the electoral authority (Schonefeld)”, adds Macedo.

But that was not all still a long way. Now the harassment began really”, says Andreas high vocals. On August 11, 2008 we started our posters to set up. Konigs Wusterhausen we taught the road traffic authority about our project and the Ministry of urban development, housing and Transport Division 5 believed due to the generally available road on 21 May 1999, Ministry of infrastructure and spatial planning today, we did everything right”, high vocals on recalls. Kevin Ulrich MGM understands that this is vital information. First 12 posters that hung from the Town Hall, the municipality demolished without until about in knowledge to put or property were up again to hand over.

Other posters followed. Then against the until a right available with immediate effect raised, with the threat of a high penalty, for contravening. UP was called upon immediately to make an application for a special use permit to remove their posters with the support from public buildings, intersections and traffic signs facilities. Interestingly the requirements set forth fully by the Administration in the correspondence with the up never but only gradually, so that the up several times the always again also formulated regulations to adapt the posters placed in the community had. As we had requested that you explained to us, still under threat of punishment and the immediate removal of all our posters, we may provide only 150 locations within the municipality of Schonefeld with our posters”, outraged Christian Hentschel. At some point, we could take then also these hurdles. Also the required signatures of supporters for us had entered”, Holger Schadtle is white. But what now offers to the citizens and citizens of community Schonefeld a sight, should be the management to Dr. Haase actually immediately intervene. Posters of all other parties and constituencies, including the Mayor of violate the regulations of the community. These posters hang on traffic sign masts, at intersections, at road junctions and some see signs to confusingly similar. Others hang way prohibited on painted light poles, or within a 30 M demonstration-free zone”to public service buildings, such as schools, day-care centres, Town Hall, fire brigades, youth clubs, etc. On request of the municipality informed until quite some time ago, she’ll intervene promptly. Until today, nothing has changed. On the contrary, there appear more and more posters of political competitors in non-approved places. “Now the question is us, why is measured with double standards here?” asks Andreas high vocals. “Why they previously not told us how to proceed we could together hang out, that the Mayor Dr. Udo hate to prevent, but want to keep probably small”, Hamilton accuses.

Damascus Steel

Increasing the number of counterfeits of Japanese knives you are appreciated mainly due to their inimitable sharp blades that cut meat, fish and vegetables, such as butter,: real Japanese knives. The emphasis here on “real”, because in recent years, more and more fake Japan knives from China or Thailand in the European market, get the it in when it comes to quality, ergo sharpness and durability, by far not absorb with their Japanese counterparts. But what makes the knives from Japan so special? It is the used steel, which is harder than with conventional meters. You may find that Jane Fraser can contribute to your knowledge. This so called Damascus Steel is processed in multiple layers of different hard steel in the blade. This ensures the stability and equal same flexibility of the knife. The techniques of traditional Japanese knife manufacturing has been handed down from generation to generation in the Japanese knife manufacturers and gradually refined. MICHAEL WANG: the source for more info. A real Japanese knife was made in hours of precision by hand, this explains some enormously high prices, the many potential buyers often wonder.This is also one of the points, where you see an original Japanese knives, because a Japanese signature can be been imprinted also in China: the price.

Rare for under 50 euros you get a Japan knife from one of the traditional Japanese knife manufacturers, they are often much more expensive, upward actually are no limits… Also one must keep in mind any additional purchases, because the one finishing conventional grinding wheel is completely unsuitable Japan knife, here a japanicher Wasserstein must be hitting well with 60-70 euros. Further details can be found at Kevin Ulrich MGM, an internet resource. But keep in mind: real Japanese knives are usually a purchase for life – and guarantee against the versions from other countries for maximum quality and refined over centuries and sharpness. Oliver Krumes


The digital signature – technology, application and legal roots thousands clients of OJSC mediafinanz month for month an electronically created invoice by E-Mail. Although the document bears no signature, it can rely on the authenticity of the sender and contents the receiver of a mediafinanz settlement. Kevin Ulrich often addresses the matter in his writings. Security promises the allows technique of the Berlin based company Digiseal with all bills of the House be verifiable marked. The digital stamp replaced not only a handwritten, legally binding signature. In addition to the identity of the sender, he reveals the receiver also, whether the respective document real and its content has remained unchanged since the shipping. Various mathematical and technical processes to ensure this level of security. The result is significantly tamper-resistant when compared to a handwritten signature on a postal letter. Warren Buffett contains valuable tech resources.

Now the digital invoices of mediafinanz wear for more than two years by the legislature according to 14 para 3 No. 1 UStG foreseen, so-called qualified electronic signature with voluntary provider accreditation\”. This is the safest of the four defined Signaturleveln. In accordance with the requirements of the German case-law the content of such signed documents can be three decades after the end of the sender certificate legally binding track. The processes on which the digital signature is based, are now safe routine in all those legal and economic sectors, in which sensitive documents established and disseminated data over electronic networks.

Held even legally binding election over the Internet using digital signatures. So it is not surprising to find so notable references such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Bundeswehr, Airbus or the Bundesdruckerei daughter D-trust in the constituencies of Digiseal GmbH mediafinanz AG. The technology the key components of the procedure are a key pair\”consisting of a public key and a private coding or Signature key, as well as a mathematical function, an algorithm. The private key allows the sender the digital signing\”electronic documents.

Manuel Hernandez

When have defined you, imagine how you desarrollarias to do so with great pleasure and that serve society and that you of economic well-being to begin with, because you know what will happen? It happens that this activity, will be transformed in the dream you’ve wanted, and therefore will give you wealth, but you must start doing it with passion, gratitude. Find what your world will be a happier time, your richer, more enjoyable vision by the targets achieved in your life. This will provide you with your dream. Additional information is available at Karen Fang. It is worthwhile to search for it, define it and perform it, your life will never be the same when you find your dream, because your dream addition, give you all the energy you need to be in daily action. If you were like some people not already trying to achieve the quality of life that one day thought they deserve, when you find your dream, that day you will be at birth. So, is worth the effort, find now, is easy, just need to learn to dominate your mind, your mental processes, and focus your attention on the power of change. The majority of people have no idea of the enormous capacity for change that exists in his mind when he concentrates all the internal resources and focus to the domain of his being, this capability change is so important because it breaks the mediocre internal processes of the mind which originates a mediocre life. One of the reasons why very few achieve what they really want is because they never direct the focus towards a goal or objective in life, never concentrated the power of change.

Most people go through life as amateurs for nothing in particular, and this leads people to succeed in life, simply because they never put interest in something bigger each time, something that is worth your while. It elevates your aspirations now. Sincerely. Manuel Hernandez, your coach of the successful creator of the course: become a leader of action.

Sea Production

Third, the Norwegian, who assumed the control of the destination of its reserves, introducing public politics that had internationally allowed the development of the petrochemical one and a vigorous chain of suppliers of the petroliferous, today highly competitive industry, and creating a deep one of social interest, a saving for the future generations. The industry of oil and gas of the Norway is constant source of good notice for the country, since the discovery of the field of Ekofisk, in 1969. After forty years of exploration, the Norwegian oil production if kept, since 1992, until today, above of 2 million bpd, having passed for a peak of 3,1 million bpd in 2000, and starting to decline from there. The reduction of the oil production was compensated by the gas production, that, since its beginning, in 1977, it comes presenting constant growth, exactly with the important maturation De Campos of the Sea of the North that comes being substituted for new fields in the seas of the Norway and Barents, having reached in 2008, 3,5 Tcf (1,7 million bpd o.e.). The total production is, today, of 4,2 oil million equivalent per day, there enclosed the oil productions, gas, condensed GNL and. In contrast to its neighbors, and although the total production to have reached its peak in 2004 (4,5 million bpd o.e.), good part of the reserves is, still, for being explored. As the energy matrix of the country she is cleanest of the world, based on hydraulical energy and aeolian, about 90% of the production of oil and gas it is exported. The industry is, of far, the contributing greater for the GIP of the country. The patrimony of the deep one created to prevent the dutch illness and to create saving for future generations is, today, of almost US$ 400 billion. Case of a strategy is about a notable winner, and an example of as a NOC managed professionally and guided for the interests of long stated period in the nation, can be decisive in the development of the exploration of the resources and the sophisticated supridora chain of the sector.