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Precious Gift

The tradition of giving in our culture there is probably no culture in which the tradition of gift-giving is not. The Maui in New Zealand about peoples of the Orient, the Mapuche in southern of Chile, gift-giving is Europeans and an important aspect of cultural and interpersonal relations are always been rewarded. Nowadays gift-giving is […]

Word HAMBURG Presents 6 Artists From Hamburg At The Come Together On The 30th Jan 09

There are the fire brothers: \”Carsten Pape, Armin salmon Bush and Viktor Hacker\” and Susanne Hahn, Stefan Kiraly and Naomi Imai Word-Hamburg presented with Carsten Pape (known for Lotto & Pape), actor Viktor Hacker and Armin salmon Bush fire brothers. It gives a taste of the literary works of art, giving the three experienced artists […]

First Poetry Letterbox

The artist Katharina Schweissguth in Munich has installed a mailbox only for poetry. The Munich-based artist Katharina Schweissguth on the Hans Mielich Platz in Munich hung a mail box only for lyrical post on 16 September 2013. Anyone who wants to, can send his self-written poems to or poems, which we really liked him. With […]

The Pruckhay

Every Saudi visitor receives a small surprise,”producer Albert Neuhauser is pleased. The history not far away from the venue of the Feuerhex in Munich was in the 12th century the great “Pruckn” the bridge to Fehring”one of the very few crossings of ISAR at that time. There met people of all stripes. Many goods, especially […]