Competition Intensifies Advertising

The main thing – do not be disheartened and discouraged. Output is always there. Here are some tips that would win. 1. Create a game.

You've probably seen the play of children. They are tired, dirty and torn clothes, bruises and black eyes are. Incidentally, do it is totally free. Try to stop them – they are strongly ogorchat you. The desire to play with age is not lost. Just adults aunts and uncles played in other games.

Your task is to offer them a good game. Games a lot. In marketing them to come up with a lot of clever names. This discount and savings cards, a sentence like "buy two things, a third for free", "Collect caps and get a car ',' all pensioners discount of 5% to 15-00 hours," etc. It is better to come up with something original and his own. 2. Take care of your loyal customers. This is your hope and support. This is the last line of defense. Many people have habits. Ini get used to certain brands of beer, clothes, some frequented and the same shops, cafes, get used to their work, etc. The great success if, among this list will be your company. Whatever happened, you must be at least one condition – do not cheat their customers. Give them what promise. The second most important condition: Promise them what they need and what they like. How to learn about it? To ask them. Conduct regular surveys of its customers. Make a list of questions. It should be short, no more than 10 issues. Offer to answer it to their customers. In exchange for the answers can offer them a small discount or gift. 3. Reinforce advertising. During the crisis, many companies make one fatal mistake – reducing the advertising budget. It is clear that earnings in the crisis fall. Money sorely lacking in all areas and projects of the company. However, the advertising budget should be truncated at the last turn. The smaller the advertising – less chance to survive and this afflict its competitors. It is clear that advertising should be as intelligent and rational. We should see some of the advertising campaign was the maximum effect and to renew or strengthen them. The main weapon in the fight against competitors – to offer their customers something new. People love new and interesting. Even in a fortress of permanence and stability of the range periodically as McDonald's, for a month or more, add something new to the menu. This is not to completely renovate the entire range of products, or menu. Just have to have a proven range of time to add something new. By the way, it would be a good opportunity for the advertising message. To customers learned of this, there are many ways and means. Effective and interesting tool for advertising, which appeared not long ago – Relyumiks. More about it on the website