Markus Klein

Concentration and expansion of the offer on lifestyle amenities in the fields of furniture & furnishings, rattan furniture, as well as E-mobility which stands now also offers for commercial customers in gastronomy and hotel industry possible amenities with acceptable quality at affordable prices for customers lifestyle articles absolutely in the foreground, so the knowledge of the operator of the Swiss lifestyle mail order company lifestyle4fun. The customers want to participate also in the finer things of life, are however not willing or not able to pay the prices excessively covered by the relevant brand manufacturers for their products. Lifestyle4fun with its range of interesting, stylish and affordable at the same time articles found in this gap between to expensive offer on one hand and restricted purchase desire on the other side. After several attempts with different product categories we will focus in the future clearly on three main segments: E-mobility, furniture & furnishings, as well as Rattan furniture, where we currently beautifully recorded the greatest demand and see the greatest need for the future”, says the managing director Markus Klein.

The portfolio in these areas will be consistently built out in the next few weeks and months. Increasingly, one wants to focus mainly on European manufacturer or at least manufacturer with final assembly and service in Europe for quality reasons and differentiate themselves at the same time unique from online auction discount stores. The range in the field of E-mobility will be matched bikes attractive and high-quality Pedelecs and which demand segment between the high-priced top brands and quality often questionable discount products is to be operated. The offer now extremely high-quality rattan furniture will be expanded similarly interesting lounges, chairs and seating. Just a contract was with a European quality sewing for the production of first-class upholstery in various colors to the Addition or as a replacement for the whole product range completed; There are already first enthusiastic feedback from customers.