American Trucks

Several years ago, American trucks on Russian roads were a rarity. But the last time they were driving more confident of their German and Swedish counterparts. How to attract the same view of trucks from America, passing nearby. What power, style and elegance distinguish trucks from America's city streets and country roads. Trucks from the United States will not leave anyone indifferent! Russian roads are getting used to them, and they, in turn – to our roads.

Today, trucks from America, American trucks no longer a novelty. American trucks are more popular among Russian consumers. According to its characteristics, American trucks are not inferior, but in many respects superior to the Europeans, Japanese and Chinese. I can safely say that American trucks are the best way familiar on our roads difference in the brands of American trucks – a convention! Each brand their models, their frame, their appearance, their salon equipment (buttons and dashboard), some stuff there (the slope of the windshield). But everything else, all that can wear out and break from the heavy use – it's all often just the same! The main emphasis in the American marketing of various brands made for some rather irrational advantages of owning a particular brand. Because it is technically not balk at that – it's just Designer of the standard for all of America units. Engine, transmission, suspension (often), electrical equipment.

Therefore, if you have an American car – will help you spare parts in any place where carry parts from America, and on any of SRT, which repaired the American trucks! American tractors – is a long tradition of strength and reliability. These "kings road" primarily focused on the maximum amount of cargo. At present, day American trucks are known worldwide, they are standard in the field of professional equipment for transportation. That America is always the leader on volume of cargo transportation by road, and for this in the U.S. well-developed area of the cargo machinery. The most popular brands of American trucks are Freightliner and Kenworth. Stories of these companies comprise more than one decade of excellence in the U.S. and world markets. Tractors brand Kenworth differ from other models is not only indicators of power, ergonomics, and simple-mindedness in management and, of course, cost. For many years, truck Kenworth are equipped with diesel engines with the lowest fuel consumption. To date, mark Kenworth actively pursuing the development to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, so the engine in this tractor is virtually non-polluting (at the expense of exhaust gas recirculation), among other samples of diesel engines in the world market. American tractors Freightliner and Kenworth is not only a benchmark of proven quality, but they can rightly be called a classic in the world trucks. Transport company 'ABS Group' for the carriage of goods using only American cars. The cost of transportation you can see on the Internet at and we are confident that by using our services once company, you become her regular customer.