AssCompact Trend II/09: Financial Market From The Perspective Of An Independent Mediator

Sales mood took now properly influence the financial market crisis despite the crisis at independent advisers still at a high level after a first good start in the year 2009 the independent broker distribution mood. Their mood when compared to the previous quarter falls to 9 percentage points. Pleasing remains nevertheless to hold that almost two thirds of respondents (66%) intermediaries satisfied, motivated and enthusiastic in the current situation. This result may be witness to profound professional and life experience, which bring the respondents agents and their approximately 19 years of professional experience, as well as an average age of 49 years. \”\” In the 27 studied product lines of the four categories of age – and risk management\”, Sach/HUK and investment & financing\” is to observe that the intermediary in the investment business to retreat priorities go back during the turnover flagship for the German market provision \”with over 52% stake claims its prominent position. The Sach / HUK WINS easily at business Sales importance. The recent survey was carried out within the framework of the quarterly published series of studies to the AssCompact trend by the management consulting company SMARTcompagnie GmbH on behalf of the bbg operating consultancy company, Bayreuth, comes to these results. 924 broker or multiple agents of various sizes were asked nationwide.

Biometric risks in the upward trend for the first quarter of 2009 is in customer demand the issue of personal risks\”(BU, death, disease) to the absolute top subject. \”\” Over 83% of the agents confirmed that with one important \”to very important\”. Close behind follows\”the optimization of insurance protection. Private pension plans ranked 3rd\”. It is above all the biometric risks, which 2009 experienced an increased attention among customers in the first quarter. The intermediary product sales follows the demand behaviour of customers. So one of the disability insurance, the private insurance as well as the Home insurance for the most sold products of the first quarter.