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Kidnappings in Mexico have been increasing in recent years, to the extent that Mexico is second only to Colombia. An abduction causes physical and mental trauma not only the victim but also for those closest and society in general causing psychosis. One of the origins of the kidnapping is poverty, which is the cause of most crimes in Mexico and throughout the world. The desperation to get money for food, medicines or simple blind ambition to humans and the bank to perform heinous acts, such as depriving a person of their liberty and keep in deplorable conditions. The kidnapping is the purpose to deprive the freedom of a person, whether for money, for political purposes or as a terrorist act to sow panic in the society. Most of the time the kidnappers do not return the victim alive. For the government and police of the country, more and more escapes them hands the abduction issue, too many kidnappings and little body to assist the victim, one might say that only 40% or less are resolved and captured the hijackers.

But to capture the kidnappers are not always given the appropriate sentence or punishment, and often end up free and without penalty. The families of those affected most often do not report kidnappings for fear that the police attempted to rescue the victim fails and results in death to it. And has also lost confidence in the police and has been shown that one in three kidnappings involved a police officer, former police or military. The sentence for a kidnapper was 40 years, but due to a series of hearings really only paid 11 years in prison. This is where the law has to act, should extend the years of his sentence in order to instill fear in the kidnappers to think carefully before you commit this crime or any other.