Busse Amp

In the aging, dficits in the neuropsicolgicas tasks of the episdica memory and the CE occurs, mainly, associates to the reduction in the processing of the information, in the atencionais processes, the inibitrios processes and cognitiva flexibility (Grady & Craik, 2000; Green, 2000; Woodruff-Pak, 1997). Explanation for these cognitivas alterations associates to the aging has been formulated in terms of a hypothesis of the aging of the system frontal (Stebbins et al., 2002; West, 1996). According to this model, in the normal aging a decline of the related cognitivas functions to the verbal, visual and secular abilities occurs, in result of the process of natural physiological aging of the wolves frontals. This model has found sustentation in neuropsicolgicas research neurobiolgicas on the effect of the aging in the cognitivos processes (Grady & Craik, 2000). The Dementia Alzheimer Type (DTA) is a chronic-degenerative illness that reaches the Central Nervous System, disclosing itself, initially, through the loss of memory for recent facts, and, later, reaching other cognitivas functions as the language and the executive powers. The DTA compromises the social and functional activities of the individual (American Psychiatric Association, 1995) and reaches, equally, men and women (Barnes et al., 2003). The Comprometimento Light Cognitivo (CCL) is an intermediate state between the normal aging and the DTA, whose main characteristic is the comprometimento of the episdica memory, without cognitivos and functional others dficits, and that al presents an increased risk to develop dementia (Petersen et., 1999; 2001). In other words, the CCL is a clinical condition of the person who presents loss of bigger episdica memory that the waited one for its age and in which this condition does not satisfy criteria for the Illness of probable Alzheimer (for revision of the concept of CCL, to see, e.g., Bischkop, Busse, & Angermeyer, 2002; Petersen et al., 2001). The research in aged with CCL is important in the measure where it increases the population of aged, also growing the complaints and the ambulatory problems of memory in and services of health.