Free classified ads are perhaps, the first place where is looking for a job. However, many people consider it as a means to outdated and full of lousy jobs that nobody wants. Is truth everything bad said about them? or, on the contrary, they can provide the opportunity to find a good job? To answer these questions, it is necessary to point out first of all that only 15% of employment opportunities come to appear in the classified ads and that percentage the vast majority are released initial level, work part-time or by Commission. Some ads even offer jobs that are actually attempts to attract unemployed people (and perhaps desperate) to different types of scams. In addition, as employment published in a newspaper classified ad can be read and answered by hundreds of people, the chances of getting an interview are scarce. However, despite everything negative that may seem, the classified online can be a good source of employment if you know analyze and read them properly.

Steps to analyze and properly read classified employment ads it is advisable to purchase the newspaper daily for two weeks. In that period of time, it is necessary to review all classified ads that correspond to the employment sought. However, be careful with those ads where it appears only the PO box and not the name of the company (so-called blind ads). Although it could be an indication of a perfectly legitimate opportunity for employment for students, could also be: A scam to obtain your name, address and phone, that will be used to try to sell you something or include him in some kind of pyramid. Many people place free classified for profiting from the fears of the people who has no job and is so desperate to get an income that is willing to believe until pledges more implausible get easy money.