Other examples are the inability of the kidney to receive the Qi; Yang ascending flotation; ineptitude of clean Yang to ascend and the collapse of the Qi of the triple warmer environment. All this can be generalized as the pathological changes caused by the abnormal ascending and descending of Qi. Although all the Zang-Fu organs are involved in the ascent and descent of the Qi, the Qi of the spleen and stomach play a preponderant role in this case.This is because the spleen and stomach to constitute the material basis of the structure, nature or acquired Constitution. The spleen and the stomach rest in San Jiao medium, which is linked with the rest of the Zang-Fu in the San Jiao upper and lower bodies, and also form the axis of the mechanisms of ascent and descent of the Qi.The physiological functions of the human body are only kept both ascending function of spleen Qi and stomach Qi downward function are normal.The consonance between the functions of the spleen and the stomach is therefore crucial for movements up and down, and centrifugal and centripetal Qi of the whole body.None of the two phenomena can exist independently, however, the rise of the Qi of the spleen and descent of the Qi of the stomach must associate and cooperate with upward movements and descending of Qi from the other Zang-Fu organs.If the ascent and descent of the spleen and stomach functions fail, pure Yang not be able spread properly, the essence acquired can not be stored properly, clean atmosphere and food Qi will not receive properly, and substances such as turbid phlegm will dissipate throughout the body, resulting in the manifestation of various disorders.Correctly understand the influence of the functions of ascent and descent of the spleen and stomach in the physiological activities of the whole body is paramount in clinical practice in regulating the functions of both bodies. Original author and source of the article.