Envelopes Company

However, there are lines and high-quality offset printing, color printing allows grayscale output. Also, the quality of flexographic printing all the time increases, so that the brand envelope lines is quite possible to make the envelopes with high-quality image. Since this equipment first information (text and illustrations) is printed on the paper web, and then from his firm formed an envelope, the requirements for images on the area of the envelope are absent. Image can be placed across the field, with the edges or without edges, and even go on the front side to turn. Thus, in terms of design it dizaynersokgo branded envelope line gives the maximum scope for creativity. There is another way manufacturing company envelope, which is practiced in those cases where the required envelopes with very high quality halftone images or materials that are not in rolls available (for example, "design" paper, are increasingly used for this purpose).

To do this first on a conventional offset plates on the car is put all the necessary information, and then cut down a envelope firm and collected. It also requires special equipment. It is a company professionally engaged in the production of branded envelopes. The main drawback of this production – limited by the assembly. You should be very clearly aligned with the company producing the type of envelopes branded envelope they can muster. Otherwise, it will have to manually collect, which is very long and expensive. As for clearance, then with this method of production work is limited only by the form of an envelope, which agrees in advance, and colorful, the type and location of the image are irrelevant.