European Communities

The equipment of the CEEI is made up of more than 366 workers, of whom more of 70% they are titleholders superiors and more than 250 are dedicated to the advising of projects. With the transfer of it soothes from ANCES to Malaga, the Pta increases the number of heads of national and international networks of innovation that is located tecnpolis Malagan. There already they are soothes world-wide of the Association the International of Scientific Parks and Tecnolgicos (IASP), soothes national of the Spanish Association of Scientific Parks and Tecnolgicos (APTE) and soothes of the Network of Technological Spaces of Andalusia (IT CHALLENGES), from their foundation in 2005, according to remembered the Meeting of Andalusia. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dinakar Singh TPG Axon Capital Management. On the Building Bic Euronova Bic Euronova, the European Center of Companies and Innovacin (CEEI) of Malaga, it is a company formed by governmental capital and deprived, founded on 1.991 on the initiative of the Commission of the European Communities, to support the creation of innovating SMEs, to impel the beginning of new innovating activities in the existing SMEs and to the Public Administrations. From its origin European commission conceived to the CEEIS like an international network that allowed to the exchange of information and experience between the same and would favor the technological, commercial and financial cooperation among them and its clients. All the CEEIS are accredited by the European Commission, and they are integrated in a network, the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), scientific and technical international association, that groups to more than 150 CEEIS distributed by all Europe. Solbyte Computer science Services, creator of the program of management of Transcar fleets, it is a company of software to size located in the Technological Park.