Fighting Knives

From this conversation, to keep in mind that the very concept of a 'combat knife' does not yet have universally accepted values. Most strictly this term is interpreted by experts – forensic. Depending on the purpose, they divide the cold weapons in combat, civil and criminal. And, for combat knives are those samples that are taken into service in the army (army knives, flat bayonets bayonets – knives) and other law enforcement agencies (police and special knives). Like 'broad' interpretation of the concept of 'combat knife' in many cases is justified. But, when discussing specific issues combat employment of knives, this interpretation can make a significant confusion. What, for example, common between the knife and knife combat swimmer fighter mountain – small units? Title only.

But, is it possible, in this case to talk about the design and application of combat knives, not taking into account the specifics of their problems solved? In our look – you can. However, this would need to agree on a 'narrow' interpretation of the concept of 'combat knife. " We think that the 'battle' should be considered only knives, which were designed exclusively for the destruction of manpower opponent. Combat knife in the 'narrow' sense, is ideally suited only for the enemy in a melee. Whereas all the other army knives properly called 'special' – a knife swimmer, parachutist knife, knife sapper, bayonet – a knife But the knife, allowing anything to cut, pierce, sawing, snacking is not a 'militant', but rather 'economic' versatile tool.