Investment Opportunity

. juancoccaro. com three purchases that I recommend that they do are DRYS Dec 8 Calls (OOCLH), DRYS Jan 9 Calls (OOCAI) and finally EXM March 8 Calls (EKNCH). The first two would have to triple their money without any problems whereas the latter is not as secure as the other two of tripling your money but if you duplicate it. Yet these options not conducted their movement more positive, why we are in time raise the boat from these three transactions. Transporting actions about to exploit. Blatric Dry index tracks all international prices on maritime transport in different amounts of loads and can also be taken as a global indicardor on the demand for these commodities.

Besides the strong growth of the Baltric Index shows us that is it forming an opportunity to invest in commodities. This index also behaves like a kind of thermometer on the industry, allowing us to know too as you are behaving in the actions of the sector. But beyond that the index had its ups and downs since months back, now This growing uninterruptedly what makes believe that is this forming a rally in this sector. This index already generated a growth of 25 percent, adding that 11 days ago it had no Classless, but that he grew up in each session. The index is threatening to break once more and continue its bullish path.

As already tell this index is a good indicator of as is desmpenando are the actions of the sector. By breaking again this includes interesting movements of some com actions which I am recommending them. The actions of this sector are in the ideal time to generate a 10% extra in the intraday movements as they did in the past when the graph of the BDI index showed as now. People who took position for this new rally will be able to enjoy huge revenue. Time to make these purchases. Three options call that I recommend are still very good opportunities to triple your money. 1) DRYS Dec 8 Calls (OOCLH): this currently transando to 55 cents, but if they invest now would be tripling your money. 2) DRYS Jan 9 Calls (OOCAI): are transando also 55 cents and are offering a very good return for your money. Institutional investors are taking position in acquiring these options. 3) EXM March 8 Calls (EKNCH): these options are transando in 1. 05 $, and should double your money if you invest. That is why the smart money is this positioning on these options also. Don’t miss the opportunity they are by offering these options at any time.